Opal Essence Illumina Color Platinum Lily

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Opal Essence Illumina Color Platinum Lily-Salonbar

Opal Essence Illumina Color Platinum Lily

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Platinum Lily - Opal Essence by Wella Illumina Color 60ml

It gives the hair unique pearly nuances, opalescent reflections capable of taking on warm or cold shades at the same time depending on the movements of the hair.
Nuance Platinum Lily: Milky essence of beige with a platinum finish.

Developed by the most important Wella Professionals stylists supported with the help of the artificial intelligence Revelation, patented by the Wella laboratories, the unique formula of Opal-Essence crosses the entire hair fiber and gives a shine that seems to come from another dimension.
It can be used on blonde hair as a toning and concealer, on bleached or white hair as a creative color.

Preliminary indications for use:
The Opal-Essence shades are not opaque, but slightly lighten the base tone of the hair and add pearly color reflections, therefore it is good to always keep in mind the base from which you start before applying.
On black or brown hair (tone 1-5) the use of Opal-Essence is not recommended because the result would not be perceptible.
On medium or dark blond hair (tone 6-8) the color effect is toning.
On very light blond hair (base 9-10) or white, the result will be a clearly visible pastel color.
On a uniform color basis (natural or cosmetic) the result will be brighter.
On a base with streaks or highlights, the lighter locks will be more colorful than the others.
For gray hair coverage up to 50%, mix Opal-Essence with the desired shade of Illumina Color.
For 100% gray coverage, first color your hair with Illumina Color, and only afterwards apply pure Opal-Essence.

Preparation and application:
Prepare the desired color blend: Wella Illumina Color Opal-Essence shades can be used alone, mixed together or with Illumina Color.
On sensitized hair, it is recommended to add Wellaplex to the color for stronger and healthier hair.
Mix color and oxygen in a 1: 1 ratio (for example: on medium-length hair, use 60g of Opal-Essence shades + 60ml of Welloxon Perfect).
How to choose the suitable activator for Wella Illumina Color Opal-Essence?
6 Vol. 1.9% Use with pure Opal-Essence for maximum pearly effect on all hair types.
13 Vol. 4% Use with pure Opal-Essence or mixed with Illumina Color for a high opalescent brilliance.
20 Vol. 6% Use with pure Opal-Essence or mixed with Illumina Color, to add a lightening tone and a light pearly shine.
It is not recommended to use activators at 30 Volumes (9%) or 40 Volumes (12%) in order not to lose the characteristic pearly effect of Opal-Essence.
After preparing the color cream, apply with a brush to the hair, all over the hair, or in sections or sections to create shades and creative effects.
Once the application is finished, leave on for up to 30 minutes without a heat source and checking visually. For more intense results it is possible to extend the exposure time without exceeding a further 10 minutes.

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