Water-Based Pomade: What Is It And How Do You Use It?

by Anjelina Tongco

Ask anyone who does their own hair and they’ll tell you just how overwhelming it can be to shop for hair styling products, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or when you’re wanting to try out a new product. When it comes to achieving the perfect hairstyle, the world of hair styling products offers a wide array of choices, from hair mousse and eco gel to hair clay and styling powder. Among these options, water-based pomade stands out as a versatile choice that combines ease of use with a flexible hold. In this article, we'll delve into the world of water-based pomade and explore its benefits, application techniques, and why it's considered one of the best hair styling products for men.

Understanding the Basics of Water Based Pomade

Water based pomade is a hair styling product that has gained immense popularity for its ability to provide a strong hold without the drawbacks of traditional oil-based pomades. This type of pomade is known for its water-soluble formula, making it easier to apply and wash out compared to its oil-based counterparts. It strikes a balance between a firm hold and the flexibility to restyle throughout the day, giving you the freedom to experiment with different looks.

Benefits of Water-Based Pomade

  • Flexible Hold: Like gel or hair wax, water based pomade offers a flexible hold that keeps your hair in place without making it feel stiff or greasy. This flexibility is especially useful for those who want to switch up their hairstyle throughout the day.
  • Easy Application: Unlike some heavier products like hair wax or clay, water-based pomade is effortless to apply. It spreads smoothly through your hair, allowing you to evenly distribute the product for a consistent style.
  • Restylability: One of the standout features of water-based pomade is its restylability. Imagine being able to pull off more than one look without having to wash your hair and reapply your hair styling product first. You can reshape your hair using just your fingers or a comb, making it a great choice for those who want to adapt their style without needing to reapply the product.
  • Washability: This type of pomade rinses out easily with water, ensuring that you won't be left with residue buildup over time. This is a major advantage over oil-based products, which can be more challenging to remove. 

Application Techniques

Applying water-based pomade is a straightforward process, but there are things you need to be wary of, too, such as using too much hair styling products.

  • Start with Clean Hair: Whether you’re using gel, hair clay, wax, or every hair spray, it’s important to always begin with freshly washed and dried hair for the best results. This will let the product cling on to your hair faster and more efficiently.
  • Scoop a Small Amount: Depending on your hair length and thickness, scoop a small amount of water-based pomade onto your fingertips.
  • Rub and Warm: Rub the pomade between your palms to warm it up, making it easier to spread through your hair.
  • Apply and Style: Apply the pomade evenly to your hair, focusing on the areas you want to style. Use your fingers or a comb to shape your hair as desired.
  • Restyling: Throughout the day, if you want to switch up your look, simply run your fingers through your hair to reshape it.

Choosing the Right Water Based Pomade

There are various water-based pomades available on the market, ranging from different holds to finishes. Some popular options include American Crew Pomade, Eco Styler Gel (which falls into the gel hair style category), and pomade for men seeking the best hair wax for their specific needs.

In conclusion, water-based pomade is a game-changer in the world of hair stylingIts flexible hold, ease of application, and restylability make it an ideal choice for men who want a versatile product that offers both style and convenience. With options like hair mousse, eco gel, and hair styling powder at your disposal, water-based pomade stands out as a must-have tool in your grooming arsenal. So, whether you're going for a classic or modern look, this pomade can help you achieve the best version of your hairstyle while keeping it flexible and manageable throughout the day.