These Hair Colors Will Help You Transition From Winter To Spring

by Anjelina Tongco

Just a couple of months before winter ends is usually the time when people start gearing up for the warmer months ahead. For beauty lovers, this means experimenting with new makeup looks (or going back to the warm classics) and looking for new hair colors to rock. Since winter is technically still not over, though, you might want to check out these hair colors that will help you smoothly transition from winter to spring. 

Look #1 Greige 

Listen, if this is the first time you’re hearing about greige, you might have been living under a rock and it’s time to move out! Greige is basically a combination of beige (aka blonde) and gray hair color and we’re living for this look! This smoky combo is the perfect transition color for those who are tired of the same old classic colors, but are also not quite bold enough to try something loud like purple hair or blue or green. 

Look #2 Bronde

Another color combo that we love to use when transitioning from winter to spring is bronde (aka brunette and blonde). For brunettes who are planning to do an extreme makeover once the warmer season arrives, this hair color is perfect. There are various ways to achieve the bronde look. You can try doing an ombre, have it done via balayage or simply add blonde highlights to brown hair so you can go all-blonde later on. 

Look #3 Golden Black 

So you still want dark hair because it’s still winter but you also want to start going light to get yourself ready for spring? Well, we have the perfect hair look for you: Golden Black. Rock this gorgeous combo to transition from winter to spring in style. With a black base and stark blonde highlights for contrast, Golden Black is definitely something that you can rely on for a smooth transition.

Look #4 Dip Dyed Hair 

Can’t wait to play with all the fun hair colors for spring? Get your hands on your favorite and start dip-dyeing your hair today. And, with black hair or brown hair as your base, the colors on your tips are sure to pop out even more!