The Benefits of Having A Beard

by Anjelina Tongco

Despite complaints about their straggly appearance and their scratchy feel against the skin, tons of men still prefer to grow a beard. There’s just something about growing facial hair that makes men look and feel more mature and sophisticated. And they’re not totally wrong about it. According to a new research study, women find bearded men more attractive compared to clean-shaven guys. 

The thing about beards, though, is that they’re like a double-edged sword. Do it right and you end up looking more handsome and macho, do it wrong and you end up looking homeless. To ensure that your beard works in your favor, you’ll need a proper beard care routine. It can be taxing, sure, but there are benefits to having a beard that might just convince you to grow one (or have your husband grow one). Here they are: 

  1. It’ll make you look more attractive - as stated earlier, beards can make you look more handsome and more interesting. Just make sure to take care of your beard and it’ll frame your face beautifully. Just make sure to trim your beard regularly to keep it from looking bushy and dry.
  2. It’ll protect your skin from the sun - getting sun burnt on the face and the chin is a real and painful struggle. Guys with beards, though, don’t need to worry about that since all that hair on their chin protects the skin from getting damaged. 
  3. It’ll insulate your face - with the holidays soon approaching, you may already notice the temps dropping. With a beard on, your neck and your face are protected and kept warm by your facial hair 
  4. It traps dust and allergens -  without hair gathered up on the top of your lips and around your mouth, you could be inhaling particles that can cause allergies and trigger asthma. Your beard traps dust and other small particles and keeps them from entering your respiratory system. This “perk” is pretty underrated but, if you’re ever looking for a reason to grow a beard, this is a good one. 
  5. It boosts confidence - not all men are able to grow a beard, especially one that is thick and healthy. Being able to grow a beard boosts a man’s confidence and it can make you feel more manly as well. 

Growing a beard isn’t easy and maintaining one is no easy feat either. With the right tools and products, though, the task can become a lot more achievable. Head on over to Salonbar and check out our huge selection of products that can help you grow the beard of your dreams!