Stop Your Beard Itch With These Tips

by Anjelina Tongco

Contrary to what all those bearded men make it look like, growing facial hair isn’t always fun and easy. There are tons of hurdles you’ll encounter along the way but, perhaps, the most annoying one of all is getting an itchy beard. 

An itchy beard can be caused by many different things. It could be the new growth, it could be dry skin, it could be irritation, and many other things. While it can be a real hassle, there are tons of things that you can do to stop it. Here are some tips. 

    1. Wash your face regularly - your beard isn’t just something that will boost your style, it can act as a catchall for many things, too, and that includes food, dirt, dust, debris, and even germs and microbes which can cause the itch to start and come out. Wash it in the morning to get rid of oiliness and then do it again at night just to wash the day off, making sure to get rid of any product and the pollution on your face. 
    2. Grow it out - new growth is almost always itchy. Before you give up and reach for the trimmer to get rid of everything, consider growing it out first. After you get through the first few days, the itch will totally be gone and you’ll be on your merry way. Can’t wait? Try using a beard growth oil while you’re at it. 
    3. Brush your beard - we don’t recommend scratching your beard as it may irritate the skin underneath it further and make it itch more but if you must scratch it, do it with a beard brush. This will also encourage blood flow and help with healthier beard growth. 
    4. Hydrate and moisturize - one of the biggest and most common reasons that men get itchy beards is dry skin on the chin (and around the face). Luckily, this problem is an easy one to solve and you can get rid of it by simply incorporating moisturizing products into your beard care routine like a beard oil or a beard balm

Don’t just suffer in silence! Take these tips to heart and grow your bear without the itch. These tips are sure to help you achieve the facial hair look of your dreams!