Protecting Your Hair From The Sun: Why You Need To Do It And How

by Anjelina Tongco

Like your skin, your hair could get damaged from too much sun exposure, too. The UV rays from the sun can cause your hair to become brittle, frizzy, and dry. If you have colored hair, you might notice some discoloration, too. 

Worried about sun damage on your hair? Here are some tips on how to prevent it. 

  1. Wear a hat - this is by far the easiest way to prevent sun damage on your hair. Anytime you spend time under the sun, wear a hat to shield your hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It can be any hat so feel free to experiment with different looks and match different hat styles with your outfits. 
  2. Use a sun shield for your hair - suncare should not stop at slathering some sunscreen on your face and your body. Remember, your hair needs that kind of protection, too. Obviously, the sunscreen you use on your face and your body isn’t going to be the same one you use on your hair. Check out this Keune Care Sun Shield Shampoo for your locks.
  3. Treat your hair to a mask - hair feeling a little dry due to too much sun exposure lately? On your pamper day, treat your locks to a thick, rich, and nourishing hair mask to help repair the damage that the sun has caused. Doing this regularly could even reverse the damage the sun has caused to your hair!
  4. Add SPF to your haircare routine - something that many people overlook when choosing products to add to their haircare routine is SPF. Yes, there are haircare products that contain SPF, too, and these are the ones you want to add to your routine because they will help prevent sun damage on your hair. 
  5. Keep it hydrated - yes, your hair gets “thirsty” after a long exposure to the sun, too, which causes it to dry up and get damaged. Get a moisturizing hair mist to spritz on your hair throughout the day to keep it from going dry and getting brittle. It’ll refresh your hair (and you) too which feels really nice on a hot day. 

You might think your hair only needs protection from the sun during summer but that’s not true at all. You need to protect your hair from the sun all year round, just like you do for your skin!