How To Care For Your Clippers

by Anjelina Tongco

Hair tools always work best when they’re in tip-top shape. You may have read reviews for things like hair clippers and trimmers that say the product doesn’t do its job as well as it used to after only a few months’ use and thought “Wow, that must be some poor quality clipper.” While it’s very possible that the person may have gotten a poor-quality item, it’s more likely that he/she has used the clipper continuously for months without properly cleaning it and caring for it. 

Just like any other cutting or trimming tool, you need to make sure your clipper is always clean before and after every use. This will prolong your tool’s effectiveness and efficiency so it can keep on performing like it’s new. 

Check out these tips on how to care for your clippers.

  1. Brush off any hair left on the clipper - after using your clipper, use the mini brush that it came with to get rid of the hairs left in between the blades. It might be helpful to shake the clipper gently while it’s on every now and then so the vibration can help the hairs come out of those tight crevices. 
  2. Disinfect - whether you use your clippers for personal or business purposes, disinfecting them after every use is a must. Get a disinfecting solution like Clippercide or Cool Care Plus to make the job easier. 
  3. Oil it regularly - keep those gears grinding! Oiling your clipper regularly ensures a smooth and effortless run every time. Hold your clipper sideways while it’s turned on and add a few drops of clipper oil to it. Let it run for a few seconds before turning it off and it’ll be ready for the next use. 
  4. Align the blades - your clipper will come with a manual with care instructions as well as instructions on how to align the blades. Do this every once in a while to avoid nicks and cuts. 
  5. Avoid using water - using water to clean your clipper can cause the blades to rust which can result in poor performance and possibly even injuries. Use the proper products instead to ensure that your clipper stays in tip-top shape for a long time. 

Make your clippers last longer by taking care of them the right way. You can save tons of time and money down the line if you just put a bit of extra effort in making sure your clipper is clean before and after every use.