Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks

by Anjelina Tongco

Halloween is right around the corner and, aside from cool costumes and fun parties, there’s one thing we’re most excited about: crazy makeup time! Halloween is the time to be fun and creative. For many people, it’s the one day out of the whole year where they can be as creative as they want with their makeup and not get surprising looks from other people. Check out these Halloween makeup tips and tricks to help you create better looks. 

  1. Use the right product applicator - whether you’re using regular makeup or face and body paint, using the right applicator (aka brushes) can help you achieve a smoother and better look. A wide kabuki brush would be perfect for covering up your face and body with pigment and smaller brushes like an eyeliner brush or a lip brush would be perfect for adding details to harder-to-reach areas. 
  2. Use a white base - if you’re thinking of using tons of color for your look, use a white base instead of the usual clear or tone-matched primer. This will make the colors look more vibrant. 
  3. Create a barrier - face paint and makeup can stain your skin if left on for too long. Before you put anything on your face, put a barrier that will make it easy to remove all the products later. You can use skin balms or barrier creams to get the job done. 
  4. Layer as you go - building color to make your look pop can be challenging. Many people make the mistake of caking the product on which results in the makeup looking tacky. Instead of doing this, layer your makeup as you go. Let one layer dry before adding another one on top to create a smoother and more seamless look. 
  5. Be resourceful - you don’t need an all new set of makeup to achieve the Halloween look that you’re going for. Instead of buying fake blood, use some of that red lipstick instead. Those super bright eyeshadow colors you don’t wear regularly can be ground up and mixed with foundation to create custom face painting pigment as well. 
  6. Double cleanse when you get home - No matter how tired you are when you get home after partying or trick or treating, you need to muster enough strength to take your makeup off and double cleanse! Use a cleansing balm to melt off all the products you used on your face and your regular cleanser next to get rid of any residual product. This is especially important considering how much makeup is used for Halloween looks.