Christmas Hair Hacks To Get You Ready for Any Party

by Anjelina Tongco

The holidays are here! Have you gone to your first Christmas party of the season yet? If the past years are any indication, you can expect to receive invites to parties left and right around this time of year. And, while everyone loves getting dolled up and going fancy with their hair, it’s a time-consuming process that often leaves the ladies frazzled.

So, to help you keep up with the holidays, we rounded up a few tips and tricks to help you get ready fast for any Christmas party you need to attend. 

  1. Dry shampoo is your friend - woke up late and now you don’t have time to wash your hair, dry it, and style it too? Get a bottle of your favorite dry shampoo and spray it on generously, making sure you get to the roots and the scalp to get rid of any greasiness. Now you have fresh, clean hair that’s ready for styling. Just make sure you make it home early enough to leave some time to wash your hair (and the products) off before hitting the sack. 
  2. Curl and go - the easiest way to look like you’ve put more effort on your hair than you actually did is to curl it. Whip out your curling wand and get curling! To add some flair and really help you sell the look, why don’t you add a hair accessory or two on your snazzy ‘do as well? 
  3. Sleep in style - one thing you can do to make morning prep easier if you have an early party to go to is to do heatless hairstyles. You can do these types of hairstyles at night and leave them on overnight. When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is shake your hair off, spray some hairspray on to lock in the look, and you’re ready to go!
  4. Do an updo - what’s easier than curling your hair and calling it a day if you’re pressed for time with a party to go to you ask? Well, what about just slicking those strands back and doing a quick updo? Heck, you can even try and pull off a messy one if your OOTD would go well with it 

Now you’re ready for any party, be it impromptu or otherwise. Make sure to stock up on hair goodies to make party prep easier. Visit for your fill of hair care products that will surely suit your every need.