6 Different Ways To Use Your Hair Straightener

by Anjelina Tongco

Seeing tons of high-end hair straighteners these days makes a lot of people wonder whether buying a hair tool that expensive could really be worth it. Well, if you think of a hair straightener as a single-use tool or something that you’d use exclusively for getting stick-straight hair, then the hesitation is understandable. So, how about we discuss the many different ways you can use your hair straightener other than straightening your hair? Here are some ideas. 

  1. Curl hair - it may seem counter-intuitive to buy a hair straightener to curl your hair but that’s definitely something that you can do easily which makes a hair straightener more versatile compared to a curling iron
  2. Add volume with crimped hair - did you know that braiding your hair and then “cooking” the braid with a hair straightener will give you that same texture you’d usually get from a hair crimper? This is a great way to use when you just want to add a bit more volume to your hair without it really looking too “va-va-voom.” More tips for that here
  3. Seal in temporary hair color - temporary hair coloring products like hair chalks wear off quite easily when not sealed in. If you want to prolong the pigment on your hair, just run your hair straightening iron through the colored sections a couple of times to lock the color in. 
  4. Iron patches on clothes - iron-on patches are relatively easy to put on but some people are afraid they’ll burn their clothes if they press too hard or too long. If you’re not used to ironing clothes and you’re afraid you’ll burn yours while trying to put iron-on patches, just use your hair straightener to do it!
  5. Put in hair extensions - thinking of trying to do your own extensions for the first time but can’t start because you haven’t figured out how they stick them on? Well, the good news is that you probably already have the tool needed to do that: your hair iron.  Just sandwich each section of hair extension between the iron plates to stick them on and seal the bond. 

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