5 Reasons To Get Yourself A Hair Dryer Brush

by Anjelina Tongco

In the world of hair styling tools, specifically heat styling, it seems like the curling iron and the hair straightener take the top spot. However, a new tool has been gaining traction and popularity among hair lovers recently and we’re here for it!

The hair dryer brush is a versatile hair styling tool that has become immensely popular in recent years, thanks to its versatility and innovative design. Sporting the look of a hair brush and offering the functionality of a blow dryer, this hair styling tool is definitely a must-have for everyone and anyone who’s into hair. If you don’t already have one, it’s about time you jump on the bandwagon and treat yourself to a nice hair dryer brush. Here’s why.

It’s better than a hairbrush - using a hairbrush alone can make your hair frizzy, especially if you have hair prone to static or live somewhere hot and humid. Thanks to its ability to blow warm air to your hair as you brush, a hair dryer brush leaves your hair looking shiny and feeling soft instead, making it a better alternative to the simple everyday hair brush. 

There are so many ways to use it - need to do a simple blowout? Or maybe you’re feeling like sporting a head of sexy, subtle waves today? Maybe you’re feeling a little edgy and chic and want something stick straight to match your vibe? Whatever the look you’re going for, you can achieve it with the help of a hair dryer brush. Some even come with interchangeable brush heads of different sizes so you can be as precise with your hairstyle as you like. 

It’s a good investment - like getting your blowout done at the salon regularly? Those appointments can add up over time and be costly. Save your money and invest in a blow dryer brush instead. It’s like having your own personal stylist at home. 

It’s more efficient and ergonomic - some people will never understand the struggle of having to give yourself a blowout at home, holding a hairbrush in one hand and your blow dryer in the other, you’d have to point the dryer at the right spot, brush it the right way, all without burning your scalp or giving yourself a stiff neck. With a hair dryer brush, though, it’s as easy as brushing your hair and letting the tool do its magic on your locks!

It uses less heat and gives you results that are just as nice - looking for an alternative to your usual heat styling tool that won’t fry your hair as much but will give you results that are just as nice? Get a hair dryer brush! It’s so much gentler so your hair doesn’t get exposed to high heat but the results can be really phenomenal!