5 Brushes For Detangling Curly Hair

by Anjelina Tongco

Taking care of curly hair requires a bit of extra effort. To keep your curls looking good all the time, you’re going to want to make sure not to disrupt the curl pattern when combing or brushing it. Otherwise, it’s going to come out looking frizzy and too bushy. If you have curly hair and you’re still on the hunt for the perfect hair brush, these are the ones you should consider. 

  • Boar Bristle Brush
  • A boar bristle brush has packed bristles that are strong and sturdy enough to smooth out any hair type. Use this if you want to achieve a perfectly sleek look for updos and other chic hairstyles. It can also help smooth out flyaway hairs, tame baby hairs and add shine to your hair. 

  • Detangler for Thick Hair
  • Detangler brushes are a must for anyone with hair that’s long enough to get regular knots and tangles. These have strategically placed bristles with soft, rounded tips that help free your hair from tangles. This one from Olivia Garden is made specially for thick hair so you don’t have to worry about these breaking or getting stuck in your hair halfway through brushing. 

  • Round Brush 
  • A round brush is great for styling and detangling curly hair. It’s shape helps maintain the curl pattern on your hair so it doesn’t end up looking frizzy. If you like to detangle your curly hair while you dry it, consider getting a round brush to add to your collection as well. These come in a variety of sizes so choose one depending on your hair type, thickness, and length. 

  • Shower Brush 
  • You may have heard of hair professionals advising others against brushing their hair in the shower. They say it can cause hairfall and other hair problems and, while there’s some truth to that, brushing your hair in the shower can actually be beneficial as well, especially if you have curly hair. Of course, to circumvent the issues that arise from washing your hair while it’s wet, you need to have the proper tools and that’s where a shower crush comes in. Some hairbrushes like from the brand Wet Brush are specially designed to be used on wet hair. If you prefer a comb, there’s also this wide-tooth comb that’s perfect for detangling wet curly hair. 

    Caring for your curly locks doesn’t have to be bothersome. Head over to Salonbar for more curly gal-friendly hair tools and products so you can be on your way to your best hair day!